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Wireless Home Phones Digital Cordless Hand-Held Free Intercom Hands-Free Calling Telephone for Home Office 100-240V US



1. Intimate white screen backlight design, even in the dark, you can call freely.
 2. Excellent voice chip design, voice diffuser technology, reduce noise and enhance the original sound.
 3. Hands-free, ring volume adjustable. HD hands-free calling allows you to release your hands.
 4. The sub-machine can be expanded, only one telephone line is needed to solve the needs of the whole family call, and the internal intercom can be free between the sub-machines.
 5. When the incoming call ringing sounds, you can automatically enter the call by lifting the handle, which is convenient and time-saving.



Item Type: Telephone
 Color: White / Black (Optional)
 Product Model: W158
 Hands-Free Calling: Support
 White Screen Backlight: Support
 Three-Way Calling: Support
 Free Intercom: Support
 Auto Answer: Support
 Hands-Free, Ringtone Volume Adjustable: Support
 Expand Four Sub-Machines: Support
 18 Ringtones: Support
 Keyboard Lock: Support
 40 Groups of Call Inquiries: Support
 Applicable Battery: 2xAAA (Not Included)

Installation Steps:
 Landline: Plug in the power plug and plug in the telephone line;
 Sub-machine: Slide the battery cover down according to the direction of the arrow on the second page of the manual. After the battery is connected to the battery compartment, the positive and negative poles are placed in the battery compartment, and then placed on the base unit with the power plug inserted.
 After the installation is complete, pick up your own and press the dial button to hear the dial tone, indicating that the installation was successful. If you are unable to use the handset, please refer to the registration of the handset on page 5 of the manual for normal use.


Package List:

1 x Host
1 x Signal Base
1 x Phone Line
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Instruction Manual