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GSM fixed wireless phone is a new wireless telephone, self- designed and manufactured using advanced technology. It can access the existing GSM mobile cellular networks directly without wire. In the range of GSM mobile telephone network , which means that the pass . The method of operation is similar to an ordinary wired telephone. It has caller ID, call history , call dial the area code Sweeping IP phones and hands free function. It is adapted to the needs of modern wireless communication manager. Features: High-quality voice services (FR, EFR, HR speech coding ) Support emergency call service Supplementary services : such as emergency calls, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, three-way calling Support short message Large -capacity phone book ( 1000 PCS) Second support DTMF dialing User personalization volume setting Support sung live ring tones Provide the screen backlight Call recording FM radio TNC antenna interface can be connected to an indoor antenna Standard TNC antenna interface can be connected to the indoor and outdoor antenna Operating frequency : GSM900MHz and GSM1800MHz If you don't know whether the local signal frequency band supports it you need confirm by yourself. 1.Call your network carrier and confirm which band does the carrier support. (you can also check by Online Website: ) 2.Check the band carefully in our products detail page. 3.If there is a band that the phone and your carrier support at the same time,it's mean the phone can be used in your country. Output power : GSM900 way : Class 4 (2W) GSM1800 mode : lass 1 (1W) Working Temperature : 0 ~ 55 degree Relative humidity : 5 % to 95% Adapter input voltage: AC 50Hz, 220V +10% Backup battery: Ni-MH battery ,1000 mAh Standby time : 48-72 hours , dependon network status may be ( battery power ) Talk time: 2-6 hours, depend on the network status may be ( battery power ) Charging time: for the first time more than 12 hours, after 6 hours Language: English Attention: This is a GSM900/1800MHz fixed wireless telephone. Can not work with these frequency: CDMA450MHz, CDMA800MHz, GSM850MHz, AWS700MHz/1700MHz, PCS1900MHz, W-CDMA2100MHz, LTE2600MHz. Please confirm the frequency of your SIMcard with operator if you can't sure before you make order. Thank you so much! Package Includes:Detachable landline antenna 1X Fixed Wirelss Telephone 1X EU DC adapter 1X Battery 1X Detachable landline antenna Colour, Black