Prateleira de chuveiro de alumínio fosco

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 Product Description

Single Layer Corner : 21.5*21.5*4.5cm
Single Layer Square : 31.5*13.5*4.5cm

Double Layer Corner : 21.5*21.5*36cm
Double Layer Square : 31.5*13.5*36cm
Material:Matte Aluminum

Note:The dimensions of the following products are all manually measured.There is an error of 1-2cm.Due to different lighting and shooting conditions,the color of the picture may differ slightly from the actual product.Please refer to the actual product.

Package Included:
1 x Space Aluminum Shelf
1 x Set of Screws
1 x Nail Free Glue
Punch-Free Installation Steps:
1.Evenly Apply nail-free glue  
 2.Stick to the wall and squeeze hard for 30 seconds
 3.Attach a white auxiliary sticker
 4.Wait 72 hours before using

Hole-Punch Installation Steps:
1.Mark the installation postion of the base
 2.Drill the mounting holes
 3.Knock in the expansion nail
 4.Tighten the screws 
 5.Hang the pendant and the install is complete

Tips:This model support hole-punch and punch-free intallation.The base has screw holes,so can be punch with screws intallation.Please select suitable installation conditions for installations according to the requirements of the installation surface.