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Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser Wall Mount Stand Bathroom Accessories Set Toothpaste Squeezers Dust-proof Toothbrush Holder


Non-contact operation and free hand squeeze to get toothpaste, compared with the other, this toothpaste dispenser to get more accurater and stabler toothpaste, adults and children are very suitable to use.Allows your kids the ability to dispense the toothpaste themselves, without making a mess. The connection is set with a magnet, you can easily remove the lid to replace the toothpaste and clean-up, when the cover is installed, will not automatically fall. Made from the highest quality ABS plastic and wheat straw material, which is both reliable and durable, you can safely use. Automatic toothpaste dispenser adopts vacuum technology , pump out last drop of toothpaste and avoid direct touch,Stay economical and hygienic. Wonderful bathroom accessories to stay away clutter and bacteria. Cool lifestyle trend encourages you to live better.


Colors:Wheat Color Size: 7x6x11.4cm Weight: 130g Material: Rice fiber + PP How to use: Wipe the wall clean; uncover the film on the back of the non-marking glue; press the non-marking glue to the wall; install the toothpaste; squeeze the toothpaste tube to discharge the air; push the 3-5 times for the first time, then use the push once Just fine.

Package Included:

1*Toothpaste 1*Instruction manual