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Waterproof Mechanical Digital Door Lock Push Button Keypad Keyless Code Combination Lock Set

Compared with the old mechanical lock, this mechanical code lock is a lock that can be opened without a key. It is easy to install and easy to open.
Its waterproof, fireproof and moisture-proof advantages are unmatched by electronic locks. It can be used outdoors for a long time without rusting.
This lock is small and exquisite, and can also be installed on some cabinet doors, requiring a door thickness of 30-70mm/1.18-2.76".

Enough number combination: 13 password buttons combination, 13 valid password sheets with an extra one, and you can set 8191 digit combination.
Wide range of applications: American standard single tongue lock body, can replace the ball lock.
Suitable for doors of different materials: wooden doors, aluminum doors, metal doors, iron doors, etc. ( wooden door is recommended)
Zinc alloy material, solid and durable.
Garbled passwords: In other words, the code can be entered in any order, for example 1234 can be 4321 or 1342 or any order.
PVD processing, low cost maintenance: high-end PVD plating, will not fade for ten years
No matter left or right: Left and right doors can be used, easy to install
Normally open mode: This door lock has a normally open function. It is set on the rear panel (on the back side of the door): press the handle lock tongue to retract into the door. At this time, toggle the switch, and the internal structure prevents the lock tongue from springing back, that is, the normally open setting is completed. You don't need to enter a password to open the door.

Installation requirements:
This door lock is suitable for door thickness between 30-60 mm. If you need to lengthen the lock lever, please contact customer service.
You need to set up password before installing the appropriate password for the first generation password lock. It cannot be set after installation.
This door lock cannot directly replace the ball lock. You need to open a screw hole on the original door.
The handles can be interchanged left and right without the problem of opening the door.
Unopened wooden doors can be installed normally.

Size: 107*44*22mm/4.21*1.73*0.87"
Weight: 950g
Material: zinc alloy
Lock latch size: 60mm/2.36"
Door thickness: 30-70mm/1.18-2.76"
Unlock mode: password

Matters needing attention:        
After entering the password, it can be opened by rotating the handle. The process of rotating the handle is also the process of returning the internal code of the door lock, so the door is locked after it is closed. 
Press the C button (reset button) before each door opening to prevent the button from being pressed.
When entering a password in garbled, it is just a disordered order. You cannot enter a non-password number.

1. There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement, different measuring methods and tools. 
2. The picture may not reflect the actual color of the item because of different photographing light, angle and display monitor.

1 X Door Lock Front Panel
1 X Door Lock Back Panel
1 X Pack of Screws
1 X User Manual